HELP ME! How do I kill the heat?

This is the section where we send folks who are in need of a little assistance.

Here are some common mistakes that people tend to make after handling hot peppers, or getting in over their head with hot sauces or spices. These are some of the cures we have found to work for us.

Be warned though, that the only real cure for the burning that results from hot peppers is time - these are merely ways to distract oneself from, or in some cases temporarily relieve the pain.

When it comes to hot peppers you can't play around. Most people don't know it, but most Police mace is made from oil called capsaicin, which is extracted from peppers. Since this substance is oil, it is difficult if not impossible to get rid of once it is on the skin or comes in contact with mucous membranes. That's why it's effective as a weapon; the only way to get rid of it is to let it wear off with time.



Burning Mouth: "I ate something WAY out of my league, help!"

Try eating bread, bread with butter on it, cheese, drinking milk, yoghurt, or eating ice cream. Ice cream works best because it has the added benefit of being cold. Something sweet will also help. People have also suggested bananas, vinegar, and salt. If you try enough of these cures, eventually one of them will work, as you will have bought yourself the 20 minutes needed!

Burning Hands: "I put my unprotected hand where it shouldn't have been".

Try washing your hand with a soap specifically designed to remove grease and oils, like Swarfega. I've also been told that washing in vinegar is effective. Soaking your hands in iced water will make them feel good and buy you time but water does little good on chilli oil. If it becomes intolerable, a topical antiseptic such as Germolene or Savlon can also provide some relief.

Burning Down There??!!: I used the bathroom without washing my hands first, or my spouse/partner didn't wash their hands.

Soak the affected area in cool bath water and wait!
Yikes - it's in my EYES!!

Find an old blues tune, a chick flick, or last year's tax return. These will help you with the most effective cure for chilli in the eyes - crying! Chances are pretty good that you're already well on the way to curing yourself about two seconds after the incident has happened.

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