Fyahpooch Smoked Pepper Sauce by Old Duppy

Old Duppy - Barbados

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Fyahpooch Smoked Pepper Sauce (150ml)

The real deal in hot pepper sauces, guaranteed to awaken the taste buds like never before!

Packed with the world’s hottest pepper – the Carolina Reaper; along with West Indian Red, and Cayenne, this seriously hot sauce offers layer upon layer of smoky flavour.

Old Duppy hot sauces take your meals from the merely mundane to the hauntingly flavourful by delivering bold, authentic Caribbean flavours paired perfectly with real wood smoked peppers.

Working with local Barbadian farmers and producers these sauces bring a unique twist to familiar tastes, while staying true to their mission: buy local, bring the heat, haunt them with flavour!


Handmade in Barbados.

  • No Colouring
  • No Preservatives
  • Vegetarian
Vinegar, West Indian hot Peppers, Onion, Cayenne, Carolina Reaper, Garlic, Salt